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My Story – Saskia

Ich bin Saskia, frisch ausgebildete Gesundheits-/Krankenpflegerin und arbeite seit kurzem in einer Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie. Wie ich da hin gekommen bin? Dafür müssen wir einige Jahre zurück spulen, um genau […]

Weg von den Tabletten – A.

Mein damaliges Krankeheitsbild bestand aus akkustischen (Pseudo-)Halluzinationen, emotionaler Instabilität, diversen Ängsten und einer sehr schweren Depression. Meine Therapeutin überwies mich zu einer Psychiaterin, um abzuklären, ob eine Psychose vorlag. In […]

How To: Get Help / Wie bekomme ich Hilfe?

Today, I want to write about a topic that has been requested pretty often, especially in Live Streams and Q&As. It’s easy for me to talk about my illnesses because […]

My Medication Story

Medication is always a risky topic, but a lot of people rely on this little helpers. Involving me too. I started taking meds in November 2016 and I had a […]

My Therapy Story – Day Clinic

Why do I post these pictures concerning my daily therapy? Because this was the only time I was all  by myself. When flew to the smokers balcony. But more to […]

My Therapy Story

After I told you my story in a shorter form I want to refer to the topic of therapy. Because I know from my own experience that this is something […]