How To: Get Help / Wie bekomme ich Hilfe?

Today, I want to write about a topic that has been requested pretty often, especially in Live Streams and Q&As. It’s easy for me to talk about my illnesses because […]

Little Changes / Kleine Änderungen

Hello again everyone! If you haven’t notices already, some things have changed. I moved the blog to an indepent adress and started to make Candy Wasteland a serious project. With […]

My Story – L. (22)

Ein liebevolles Hallo an euch alle von unbekannter Seite. Nachdem Sammy so offen, ehrlich und direkt über ihre psychischen Themen und Krankheiten geschrieben hat und andere „Leute da draußen“ aufgerufen, […]

My Story – Not A Cool Kid

Growing up, I was always the quiet and lonely kid. During the early years of my childhood I have spent the most days alone in my room and I was […]

Routine is Selfcare

One of the most important things I’ve learned in at the daily therapy is keeping a routine helps you a lot to get along with your mental health. That’s why […]

Relationship with Borderline?

This is something I often read about and what is also a big part of the stigma. People with Borderline Disorders can’t have an happy relationship with an other person […]

My Medication Story

Medication is always a risky topic, but a lot of people rely on this little helpers. Involving me too. I started taking meds in November 2016 and I had a […]

My Therapy Story – Day Clinic

Why do I post these pictures concerning my daily therapy? Because this was the only time I was all  by myself. When flew to the smokers balcony. But more to […]