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Why do I post these pictures concerning my daily therapy? Because this was the only time I was all  by myself. When flew to the smokers balcony. But more to that later on.

After I made the decision with my doctor, I had to talk with my family and friends about it. Which scared me a lot, because a part-stationary treatment is another step then just weekly therapy appointments. But I received a lot positive response, which gave my a lot of energy for this step.

In December the time started and I was nervous as shit. Because I never experienced something like this and also my anxiety hitted hard because of giving up parts of my independency and daily routine (which was days in bed with netflix and fast food). But I made it, because I wanted to get this help.
I’m very happy about this experience and I won’t miss it. I learned a lot about my disorders and how to handle them. That the therapy isn’t a miracle aid was always clear for me. I just wanted to learn some methods to handle my diseases in my daily life.

Living for two months in this micro-cosmos helped me also to test out the new infos and advices. Five days of the week, daily from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. in the same complexe with the same people everyday. Sometimes it drove me insane, because as always you don’t get along with everyone well. But it helped me to test out my borders and trying to keep calm even in stressful situations. And if not, I flew to the smokers balcony to give myself a time out.
One of the most important things, that helped personally me a lot, was the planned routine. We had a plan for the week, when which class/ group is and to eat meals like breakfast and lunch together at the same time every day. This structure gave me so much safety, that I’m trying to incooperate it to my daily life now. But I’m making a seperate post about the topic of routine structures.

Another part that was very helpfull: everyone had their own psychotherapist in this place. You could always aks for an appointment and had individual therpy. Beside that we had occupal therapy, communication classes and psychotherapeutic groups. The most important things were the communication under the patients. I learned so much through the conversations with others, different sights and ways to handle situations. I helped me so much to see that I’m not alone. Everyone experienced similar things and that gave us a strong connection.
Now I’m on my own feet again and it’s good and bad at the same time. I miss the daily routine and the safe feeling that there is always someone watching after you. But also I have my independence back, I can organize the day on my own and focus more on the things I enjoy. It was a good experience that gave me a lot of tool to get back on the track.

Some hard facts about daily therapy in a mental hospital:

  • talk with your family doctor or psychatric about your opportunities
  • do researches on your own and look all your potential facilities up and check their offers or programs
  • sink into the programms, not everything is fun or your personal thing but test it out
  • you can always use the given informations for yourself, you just have to be open for it and also open for new things

If you have any questions about therapy and topics referring to that, comment down below or write me a mail!

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