Starting Something New

It’s always hard to start something new, but also exciting. So I made this, a new platform to share my experience, story and life. Especially I wanted to start this Blog as an project, for myself and others. I want to write more about Mental Health Isssues and (my) recovery.
Last year I started to write open and honest about my diseases: Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression and Anxiety on Instagram. And I received an overwhelming feedback. So much love, energy and encouragement, but also many questions or asks for advice. So I wanted to make this a platform for awareness, informations, different experiences and exhange.
I’d love to make this a community with changing authors, articles and topics. So If you are interested to become a part of this one or want to contribute something – hit me up and write a mail!
This site is a helper for me and also everyone who wants to read it. I learned that being reflective and open about my mental health helped me so much to get along with it and understand it. And an other big help was to see that I’m not alone. Nobody is alone with their feelings or problems, there is always somebody out there who experienced something similar. So let’s get together and help each other and raise awareness.

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